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UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund)


Reach over 265K people on Twitter

Reach over 1M people on Instagram (1,922,258)

Engagement rate greater than 50%

More than 1M video plays

Average cost per result of R$0.08


The UNFPA page had not run ads for at least 3 years, which means that campaign efforts also ended up impacting the page's overall performance beyond campaign content. The challenge in this regard was to give the campaign due prominence, but also to reconcile it with the objectives of promoting the page on its main channel, which is Instagram. The main metrics observed were reach and engagement,

The campaign ENLACE - For an Adequate Childbirth was an initiative of UNFPA that was sponsored by the Johnson&Johnson Foundation.


The objective of the campaign was to give visibility and recognition to obstetric nurses​(os) and midwives through information and mobilization, promoting a reflection on obstetric care in Brazil with a focus on positive experiences of childbirth and the contribution of these professionals to this process. 

The work was carried out in partnership with the agency Vidya Comunicação e Engajamento, responsible for the account. My roles in this project were to manage the schedules, budget, and ad targeting, as well as collaborate with the strategy providing performance insights and optimization suggestions, in addition to activating, monitoring, and reporting on performance in relation to the results of the campaigns.

what was done

The strategy adopted was based on 3 main efforts:

1) Adaptation to the target audience of the campaign: We focus on targeting the ads to health professionals in general and also interests corresponding to birth professionals with the objective of reaching health professionals, and on the other hand, for the general population, people interested in aspects such as maternal care, pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing, in addition to other segmentations

2) Strategic budget distribution: The campaign featured different publication formats (Photo, Text, and Videos) and different distribution channels (Instagram and Twitter). To achieve better results in ads, specific channels and formats were prioritized to be able to distribute the content as much as possible and reach a relevant number of people.

3) Real-time optimizations: throughout the implementation of the campaign, optimizations were made regarding the audience, days of airing, campaign objectives, and budget, among other aspects in order to achieve the objectives.

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