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Plan International
(Projeto Geração)


Reach over 230K people on Facebook/Instagram

More than 100K views on Youtube

More than 750K impressions in total

Average cost per result of R$0.05

Engagement rate greater than 20%


The campaign idea was aimed at reaching two main audiences and also increasing its visibility. As the project was carried out in specific locations, it was important to reconcile both audience coverage and segmentation to ensure that we would reach the desired audiences.

The Geração project was an initiative of Plan International Brasil that was born with the aim of promoting financial education for young people in schools.


The objective of the campaign was to give visibility to the project, bring engagement and increase views of the content, focusing on people from the educational institutions where it was being implemented and also on the families of the children benefited by the program.

The work was carried out in partnership with the Ganda Lab Criativo agency, responsible for the account. My roles in this project were to manage the media plan, campaign schedule, budget, ad targeting, and implement the ad strategy providing performance insights and optimization suggestions, as well as activating, monitoring and reporting on performance against to the results of the campaigns. 

what was done

The strategy adopted was based on 3 main efforts:

1) Adaptation to the target audience of the campaign: Segmentation of campaigns ads to education professionals in general and also interests corresponding to parents of school-age children with the objective of reaching families, in addition to targeting by interests that was done through keywords key related to the topic.

2) Formats and placement channels: As the materials produced for the campaign were in both static and video graphic arts formats, we chose two main placement channels: Facebook Ads and Google Ads focused on Youtube ads, to bring more visibility and get the most out of content in video format.

3) Strategic budget distribution:Thinking about the defined content formats, we chose to strategically direct most of the budget to videos to maximize reach, since this content format has a greater potential for viralization. While for static arts the main objective was engagement and the rest of the budget was allocated to a campaign with a variation of creatives within it.

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