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Human Rights Monitoring 
(Monitoring of Human Rights in Brazil)


Reach more than 17K people on the project's social networks


The Webseries aimed to sensitize people who did not know or were prejudiced against the human rights agenda, in an attempt to provoke a more conscious vote and greater political participation.


Coordination and revision: Bruna Monteiro

Video editing: Eva Mattos

Screenplay: Renato Coelho

The series "For Democracy and Human Rights in Brazil" was a project commissioned by Inesc and promoted by the Articulation Project for Monitoring Human Rights in Brazil.

The objective of the work was to create a web series focusing on the Human Rights agenda in the pre and post 2022 elections in Brazil. 

The work was carried out in partnership with the Ganda Lab Criativo agency, responsible for the account. My duties in this project were to co-create the script for the episodes, following the process of creating content guidelines, building the narrative, analyzing the video content, decoupagegem and mcount.

what was done

The creation process involved:

1)Script and pre-productionThe language of the videos adopted a tone of denunciation, and in order to be able to dialogue with the campaign's target audience, it was necessary to formulate the right questions and clear guidelines to obtain the desired responses from the people interviewed..

2) Editing script: After receiving the raw materials, we organized the lines into an editing script, cutting the lines and adjusting them to the pre-script to align the previously defined message and topics. 

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