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About me


Professional experience

(2020 - now) Creative Strategist -freelancer 

(2020 - now) Owner -Estudio AZA 

(2022 - now) Social Media Strategist -Ganda Creative Lab
(2019 - 2020) Regional Marketing Manager -AIESEC Americas

(2018 - 2019) Operations and Sales Manager -AIESEC Bolivia

(2017 - 2018) Marketing manager -AIESEC Paraguay

(2017 - 2017) Social Media Assistant -Let's Go Digital

(2013 - 2016) Photographer -freelancer

(2013 - 2015) Internship - Audiovisual support -ESAMC


Bachelor of Social Communication (Journalism) -ESAMC

Technical - Web Design -ETEC Fernando Prestes


(2021) Copywriting -Rock Content

(2021) Production of web content -Rock Content

(2020) Inbound Marketing -Hubspot

Other projects and experiences

(2017) Co-Founder - Caneca Lab (Collective LGBTQIA+)

(2017) Co-organization of the carnival parade "Sem Grana, mas com Glitter" - Caneca Lab

(2015-2017) Organization of local and national conferences -AIESEC Volunteer Sorocaba/Brazil

(2014-2016) Exchange and marketing management -Volunteer AIESEC Sorocaba

(2015) research and fundraising -Volunteer TECHO Brazil

(2015) Global Volunteer Participant -AIESEC (Bolivia)

Nomad, multipotential, and communicator with almost ten years of experience in brand strategy, content creation, social media, and digital marketing. 

I've led more than 10 hybrid/remote teams, lived in 5 different countries, and worked with people of different nationalities, with work done in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. 

I served over 30 small and medium-sized companies in the creative industry and developed campaigns and strategies for international brands such as AIESEC, UNFPA, and Plan International.

My work experience has developed in Social Impact, Creativity, and Services. 

I traveled to 7 countries in Latin America, delivering training on strategic planning with AIESEC, and had the opportunity to participate in international conferences in Egypt, India, Peru, and Colombia.

Today, I create, coordinate, and implement projects in the area of marketing and branding 100% remotely. My work style prioritizes customer experience, clear strategic objectives, and multicultural perspectives without losing sight of the flexibility and active participation of all those involved during the project.

Throughout these years of learning, I seek to reflect in my work the experiences, experiences, and learning accumulated in my baggage.

Here, I share my individual work projects in partnership with agencies, and at the AZA Creative Studio we offer complete services and strategic digital solutions focused on companies and creative professionals.

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São Paulo Brazil

Sorocaba, Brazil

Quito, Ecuador


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