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MPT(Ministry of Labor of Rio Grande do Sul - Project: Enough of Work Accidents)


From approx 147K range in 1st month to 282K in last month

(+100% increase)

Average of 70% of comments classified as positive/constructive

 Increased range in new cities

+25K interactions in the last 3 months


Existing for more than 3 years, the project already had a consolidated following in its profile. The challenge for this project was to update the strategy in order to repackage the content so that it could have more impact and reach more people within the target audiences, which are workers from different sectors, and thus obtain more interactions and engagement.

The page Chega de Acidentes de Trabalho on Facebook is an initiative of the MPT/RS that seeks to make the population of the state aware of the prevention of accidents at work. 

The work was carried out in partnership with the agency Vidya Comunicação e Engajamento, responsible for the account. My roles in this project were to manage content guidelines, co-create and collaborate on the strategy, create guidelines for the creation, write texts for publications, control and activate ads, respond to comments and generate performance reports.

what was done

The strategy adopted was based on 3 main efforts:

1) Review and update performance metrics: we seek to include other indicators in the report, such as comments, classifying them as positive/constructive and negative/derogatory, in order not only to seek engagement but also to somehow measure the quality of this generated engagement.

2) Diversification of contents: In addition to format variations, including more videos and GIFs within the guidelines, we seek to balance the tone of voice and the effects expected in each publication, with more news content, others with a humorous tone, and finally, educational content, always varying formats and language.

3) Focus on audiences and language: we started to create specific segments for some groups of workers that have publications about them more frequently, such as moto boys, in addition to adapting the language as far as possible so that it fulfills the function of informing while entertaining and generates awareness in the audience.

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