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About Us
(Ganda Lab Creative)


The campaigna was one of the first initiatives of Ganda's side project focused on trans, transvestite and non-binary people. The main challenge was to adapt the communication to the target audience, create an engaging narrative and content that could be easy to assimilate and at the same time effective in meeting the campaign's objective.


Coordination and revision: Bruna MonteirO

Project management: Larissa Brainer

Strategy and writing: Renato Coelho and Amanda tolintino

Video editing: Eva Mattos

Art direction: Aurora Jamelo

Creative direction: Aurora Jamelo and Bruna Monteiro

The project About us was an initiative of Ganda Lab Criativo, launched on Trans Visibility Day intending to create a community of Trans people professionals in the areas of technology, innovation, and communication. 


The campaign's objective was to sensitize people in the market who could reverberate the message in their contact networks and reach the final target audience: professionals and transgender people in the areas mentioned above. And with the disclosure of the project they register in the talent mapping and with that be able to engage with initiatives aimed at employability, training, and education.

The work was carried out with the Ganda Lab Criative agency, the campaign's author. My duties in this project were to co-create the launch campaign, review and co-create the manifesto video script, and review and copywrite the launch materials, such as the landing page and social media posts.

what was done

The creation process adopted the following steps:

1) Strategy research and definition: A survey was carried out on the subject to compile data and obtain greater context about the treated cause, and based on this survey, we carried out an internal co-creation process with the people involved and defined objectives, structure, and tools. The process culminated in creating a landing page with the main key points of the project, keywords, value proposition, call to action,  and a copy aimed at conversion.

2) Creating the video manifest: With the base strategy defined, a process was carried out to create the manifesto video script, and a visual style was defined that approached a more authorial language and a tone of voice that brought a call to action, raised the level of awareness and simultaneously would bring an emotional involvement with a more human touch.

3) Content strategy: With the publicity tools created and the capture page, content derived from the manifesto was designed, which was strategically distributed on the agency's social networks, with personalized captions and varied content formats, pointing to different engagement objectives, such as shares, likes, comments, etc.

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