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(Impulse Program)


Brand Strategy: Amanda Tolintino

Essay: Amanda Tolintino and Renato Coelho

Project management: Rhana Érika

Art direction: Aurora Jamelo

Video editing: Eva Mattos

Coordinator: Bruna Monteiro

Communication strategy: Renato Coelho


The ImpulsiONar project was a pilot program with diverse stakeholders, from small to large.higher level of familiarity with the level of complexity of the project. The biggest challenge was, through a communication strategy, being able to simplify the message to be passed on to the project's stakeholders.

The ImpulsiONar Program was an initiative funded by the Lemann Foundation, Imaginable Futures and the BID Lab, carried out in partnership with Quintessa and Instituto Reúna. 

The objective of the work was to create a communication strategy with the objective of facilitating the understanding of the program and its implementation among all the public involved. Among them teachers, students, education departments, etc. The project included the creation of content in various formats, scripts and internal documents to guide the proper implementation of the strategy with the client. 

The work was carried out in partnership with the agency Ganda Lab Criativo, responsible for the account. My duties in this project were to co-create the brand positioning strategy, developing tone of voice, key messages, personas and communication guidelines, as well as organizing the planning, briefings of graphic pieces and scripts for videos. 

what was done

The elaborated strategy adopted:

1) Diagnosis and research:Together with the client, we conducted a study of the audiences involved that needed to be impacted by the project's communication and proposal. In this process, research was carried out to better understand the context, profile and language affinities in order to understand what the challenges in communication were.

2) Communication strategy: The strategy involved the creation of personas, tone of voice, key messages, value proposition, guidelines for distribution channels, implementation schedule and content strategy creation. 

3) Content creation: One of the main platforms determined by the campaign was the creation of a YouTube channel, with the aim of centralizing the videos that would be communicated to the audiences involved. With a didactic language and an attractive look, the scripts were developed considering both the visual part as a communication tool and the narrative and communication with the public.

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